I will recollect this July 2020 for having written the maximum number of blogs, including this 10th one. It was the race to 150 that made me stick to my writing routine. This morning, I was reading Innercise ( a new kind of habit, reading on Kindle) and it said that routines beat size or... Continue Reading →

RICH Friend

I tried a couple of times to reach him. His phone was coming engaged. I dropped a message, our sincere condolences. I got to know from a whatsapp group that his mother had passed away a few hours back. Finally I could get him at 15 minutes past 10 in the night. We spoke for... Continue Reading →


Ernest Hemingway said, "you must know 10 words for every word you write." I got to hear this only while drafting this, my 150th blog. Imagine If I had heard this on the day I was planning to post my first blog, I would have never started! Raymond Chandler used to claim that a writer had... Continue Reading →

RICH (114) Stories

Microstory 110 -  Skills  I saw a video and I told my mom that it is better to have garlic and ginger in the morning.  So my mother gave me this idea to make rasam and drink daily. So there I was in the kitchen and  I made rasam and it turned out to be... Continue Reading →

‘Cat’ch me if you can

For the past few days, I have been looking for it The first time I saw it, it was playing in the middle of the road Sitting on the road bump, sitting on the car tyres, coalescing with the car cover, it is always a sight to watch it play mischievously Coming from nowhere and... Continue Reading →

Sat’OUR’day Happyness

We look for a perfect weekend and it depends on your Saturday. That is what I have understood. I got up at 4.30 AM, read for some time, and wrote my blog. This has been a new routine that I've picked up in the last 2 months. Waking up early was one of the new... Continue Reading →


How true is this quote, for us, in 2020? I was introduced to Joseph Campbell a few years ago through his many quotes but it's only in the last few days that I've been reading his book "The Power of Myth" and seeing his videos. It's astonishing how his words are still relevant in these... Continue Reading →

My Engineering Daze

I called my friend yesterday evening only to notice that he had cancelled my call and added me into a Whatsapp call with a set of old CET (College of Engineering, Trivandrum) friends. We were discussing such weighty topics such as playing 56 bluff online and the source code for such programs. A guy who... Continue Reading →

RICH(109) Stories

Microstory 106 - Risk  I was hearing Brendon Burchard during my morning walk. In that, he talks about human connection. While I was coming back from my walk,  I was about to take the elevator. I saw my apartment mate who is my Hey Bye friend. I had that intention at that point to connect... Continue Reading →

Change the PACE

Yesterday we were having breakfast together and my younger daughter asked us about PACE. What does PACE mean? From the kitchen, my wife explained it is speed. My younger daughter was struggling inside to explain what she meant. Then she said, "PACE" as in P.A.C.E.  Oh, we said you meant acronym? I was amazed at... Continue Reading →

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