CoVid times – Reflections

I received a Whatsapp video with the title 10th apple effect. One particular incident that was mentioned in the episode took my breath away. The person in the video talks about an old man in Italy who had recovered from COVID 19 cries when he was given the bill for using the ventilator. The authorities... Continue Reading →

RICH(84) Stories- Quarantales

Micro story 79  It was just the day before Janata Curfew. My wife and I went to the nearby grocery shop to get whatever little for the next few days. While I was in the vegetable section I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt on which was written, "we go all around the map" with... Continue Reading →


We are on the 11th day of lockdown and looking back at the last 10 days, it has been very interesting so far from a family bonding point of view. I had the opportunity to spend RICH time with kids and family. We had stepped out last two Saturdays for grocery and when my wife... Continue Reading →

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