RAK’s to R.I.C.H’s

The French have a song they like to sing. 'Qu'est-ce Qu' on attend pour etre heureux?' (What are you waiting for in order to be happy?) It was an H - week to remember. We had World Happiness day and Holi-day back to back. I was reading a short article "Hugging the happiness curve". I was... Continue Reading →

The Marble and the Sculptor

    She said, "I am his 5th wife. First is the laptop, the job, the phone, then TV, and finally me." She was joking of course as her husband has been a pillar of strength all throughout her remarkable journey. The 50 odd people who attended this month's TILT meeting were mesmerized with her... Continue Reading →

Post(er/it) boys

It was Friday afternoon and I called my old engineering friend for a quick meet up just like that. Before declining my request, he mentioned about the weekend plan for a meet up with a larger group of friends from our college. The brief was that a couple of them had just returned back from international trips and it... Continue Reading →

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