Sunday Discovery

Sunday Dinners are mostly very light. But that wasn't true that evening. My wife had already bought some chicken and it was in the freezer. Unexpected of me, that evening I had this urge to eat homemade chicken curry. My request was granted and my wife got down to business. My elder daughter's and my... Continue Reading →

Jab Done

It was around 10.35 AM that we started from our apartment. While we are going for the jab we were hearing this newfound song and suddenly a call came and I was not able to accept the call as I had kept my mobile on the back seat of the car. The phone rang for... Continue Reading →


Commitment - Fun@Family , Friends March was a month of celebrations. As a family, we celebrated women's day, my elder daughter's birthday, and of course my March sales closures. Apart from that, we had our first guest from our hometown and that gave us a chance to meet up and have fun by some gossip-mongering,... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (163)

Microstory 161 - Praise I was listening to Jaysamit talk with Tom. In that, he mentions research on how a set of students who were randomly picked and praised in a class did well in the exam. It applied to me as well as I recollected some of my teachers who used to praise openly... Continue Reading →

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