21 revelations to 200th Blog

I had completed and posted my 150th blog on 25th July 2020 ( a day before my birthday). That day my wife threw the gauntlet, "Why don't you get to the 200th blog before our anniversary?" I accepted that challenge and the rest as they say is history. What was more fascinating was my discovery... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (169)

Microstory 167 - Morning Conversation I told her not to look at the laptop, at least in the morning. These days my younger daughter also gets up very early in the morning. One of the promises we have made is to sit at the round table at 5.30 AM and have our morning chat with... Continue Reading →

Level up with Naval

In a recent "Times of India" article under the speaking tree section, there was an interesting article "Five Gems That Are Parameters of Happiness" by Damodar Pandita Dasa. I read the article and was trying to relate to my favorite movie of all times ' Pursuit of Happyness". Coinciding with this reflection was also a... Continue Reading →

My Daily Go To’s for freedom

Daily Walking For the past 3 weeks, I've not traveled. That made me put a walking routine in the morning around my apartment. I enjoy time with nature and these lines keep inviting me, " The woods are closer than they appear and if you listen closely, you'll hear them calling you near". I am... Continue Reading →

Seth’s Trifecta

I am not sure when I got to know about Seth Godin's world. Seven years back I remember hearing his audiobooks while I used to drive from office to home and back. It was a good one-hour drive one way and that is when I had the chance to hear his three books Tribe, Dip,... Continue Reading →

What do you Blog about?

One of the oft-repeated questions when people meet me for the first time and when they come to know that I blog, is " What do you blog about?" My typical go-to response has been " slice of life ", "life experiences", "nuances of life" etc. I was still trying to figure out what could... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 166)

Microstory # 164 When our House bell rings like always my younger daughter will jump off and show up at the door expecting her friends. But this time It was our next-door neighbor at the door. So she called me immediately. He wanted a printout of the self-declaration form for his emergency trip to his... Continue Reading →

Sunday Discovery

Sunday Dinners are mostly very light. But that wasn't true that evening. My wife had already bought some chicken and it was in the freezer. Unexpected of me, that evening I had this urge to eat homemade chicken curry. My request was granted and my wife got down to business. My elder daughter's and my... Continue Reading →

Jab Done

It was around 10.35 AM that we started from our apartment. While we are going for the jab we were hearing this newfound song and suddenly a call came and I was not able to accept the call as I had kept my mobile on the back seat of the car. The phone rang for... Continue Reading →


Commitment - Fun@Family , Friends March was a month of celebrations. As a family, we celebrated women's day, my elder daughter's birthday, and of course my March sales closures. Apart from that, we had our first guest from our hometown and that gave us a chance to meet up and have fun by some gossip-mongering,... Continue Reading →

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