I was doing my regular run today. On my shuffle was this podcast by #Tim Ferris. Tim made a very provocative statement on the Trojan Horse of your mind (someone who has reprogrammed your mind). This gave me a chill!  I started thinking about the person who had evoked this kind of feeling inside of... Continue Reading →

Can a Quote shape your mind…?

  Can a quote create a defining moment in your life? A "Defining Quote" is one when we relate the quote to an experience of the past; we check its relevance in the present context; and we form a perspective of that quote for the future. This was my "Defining Quote" of the week "Culture eats strategy for Breakfast... Continue Reading →

Is Conflict good ?

We all have sat through meetings. Even when we do not agree, we keep it to ourselves. Later we vent out at the water cooler , during Coffee chat and at the Parking lot. Those moments to me are totally unproductive as we tend to narrow the conflict to the person and not to the issue. How... Continue Reading →

What he is saying? Why is he saying?

Isn't it interesting that in office the person next to you may have a similar interest as yours but we only speak about Business. We don't get a chance to connect at a deeper level. The question is are you interested in knowing the other person ? To what level? This the second edition of Moving... Continue Reading →

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