Emotional e-attachment

The car driver missed the first left turn. I was in my home town. I was upset. That was the shortest route. The driver told me do not worry , we will take the next one. I pacified my self. The flight was already 30 minutes late, I spoke to my younger daughter from the... Continue Reading →

Flat Tyre

I was on the wheel and suddenly my wife pointed to the left front wheel and said, "we have a flat tyre". I had already started the engine and was about to fire up the USB with my favourite podcasts. I stepped out and went to see the tyre. Yes it was flat. My immediate... Continue Reading →

New Age”Y” Weekend Warrior

Are you a weekend warrior? Do you dread your work and live for the weekend? During today’s run, I heard a podcast “How to have work life balance”, the oft repeated question and conundrum When I heard this term "weekend warrior"a few months back, it made me slip into my old memory lane (Year 2011).... Continue Reading →

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