RICH (117) Stories

Microstory 115 - Digital Education¬† Digital learning and entertaining is happening all around us and it is influencing us in more ways than one. My wife purchased a course as there was a deal in Udemy. Then she noticed that I can also learn as well. On a particular subject, my daughter also had a... Continue Reading →


My elder daughter said, " I love dogs, they are so loving." My wife is a cat lover and she came up with her explanation for her love for cats. I like both from a safe distance. I like kittens and I liked the way those two dogs (during my walk every day) jump, bark... Continue Reading →

Are your children future proof?

    "Your son is a failure. With these kind of marks, I am not sure what kind of future he is going to have," said the teacher. Mom immediately asks the boy "What do you have to say for yourself? You are supposed to graduate this year." Then in a combined tone with a... Continue Reading →

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