(C)urious &(K)ind

People come into our lives for a reason, season, or lifetime. A few leave a lasting impact and we're not the same anymore. This week has been especially challenging for me with one of my best friends, mentor, and guide passing away. I was trying to recollect all the past memories. Suddenly I noticed that... Continue Reading →

Good 2022 Vibes

" What are the things that give you good vibes?" A close friend asked me last weekend. I was ready with the answer, " Coffee shops, Book shops, Sports shops, walking with backpack and headphones listening to music, meeting friends, and finally writing". I had experienced all the things that I had mentioned and I... Continue Reading →

Fun in the Sun

It was one of those trips where I got into the back seat of the car and I settled down. I did not have to bother with the parking once I reached the destination. The destination on that day was my younger daughter's school and it was the "annual sports day" after a gap of... Continue Reading →

42 Days

Today, I noticed that I am writing a blog after a break of nearly 42 days. So I started looking at my online notes " Blogging on the go" and noticed where I have captured some drafts. In the last 42 days, I made a lot of notes but was not able to ship out... Continue Reading →

Acquired taste

In one of my interactions, I told a colleague that our job is to move things from fantasy to reality. They all had a good laugh. After that the meeting became objective and ended with some actionable items. The other day I was showing a paper cutting to my wife and asked her to read.... Continue Reading →

Screen presence

It was a Saturday afternoon and my daughter came back from school around 2 pm. I had the opportunity to open the door for her. Knowing that she has reached (thanks to technology) I played some of my favourite songs. While she entered she heard the song and asked me if I was watching a... Continue Reading →

Social Dial’lema

I initially told my wife that I may not be able to attend the housewarming as my travel was taking precedence. Then things changed. My travel plans altered and our neighbour dialled me ( WhatsApp ed me) and in an instant I confirmed and she thanked me. They had bought a new house and were... Continue Reading →

Save your tears

We had our neighbor visiting us last week. During our interactions he noticed one book sitting on the book stand near our television. He was curious. My wife stepped in and told him that it was her brother's work and he co-authored with another person. That is when it struck me that we are nearing... Continue Reading →

Paint our way…

Hearing the song, my younger daughter said, " Isn't this the song which Alexa played for the first time on that day "? I said, " Yes Indeed". That was the day when my elder daughter was moving to a new place. It was for her next level of studies and my wife was going... Continue Reading →

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