Don’t break the chain

I had published my last blog on July 3rd. In that blog, I mentioned how I have lost my mojo for writing blogs consistently. The pretext was that I want to improve my writing to the next level and pick subjects and topics I have never encountered. So what were those subjects? I was not... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories( 181)

Microstory 179 - Retro tales 3 - Family man I was speaking to one of my relatives after a long gap. A big-hearted, homespun advice agent and a grand family man. He is in his nineties. My mother had asked me to speak to him as he was inquiring about us. After speaking to him... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

On April 24th I wrote my 200th blog. I was on an all-time high and then I crashed. Today morning, I was looking for some material on music as I was staring at my unfinished blog drafts. The unvarnished truth is that I've been missing my Saturday morning routine of writing undistractedly. The last two... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (178)

Microstory 176 – Retro tales 3 Last week I was organizing my paper cuttings from the Times of India and Economic Times. I couldn't help laughing when I thought about that scene from 1997. I was shifting from Kolkatta to Mumbai for my new job. In between the jobs I had time and so I... Continue Reading →

Inside (37Yrs)Out

"The pandemic in its second coming has left deep and enduring psychological scars on virtually everyone else," wrote Santosh Desai in his weekly column in the Times of India. A couple of weeks back I received a call from one of my partner colleagues. I was in touch with him on a regular basis. One... Continue Reading →

RICH Uncut April 2021

Ringside view This was the month where my in-laws got their second dose of vaccine. We too jumped in to get our jab. We had to face a lot of " Oh No" in social situations. Most of my non-mallu friends starting asking me " You have not seen Kumbalangi nights?!" Finally, I marked it... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (175)

Microstory 173 - Retro tales 2 My mother called on the day the Chinese spacecraft fell into the Indian Ocean and she started telling me about how far away from the Maldives it fell and additional information. While we were on the call I told her about that late 1970's incident of how my great... Continue Reading →

What will be your verse?

What will be your verse is a famous line from the movie " Dead Poets society". The other day I messaged my colleague to check how he was. He responded back with this message I am in the hospital , I am on Oxygen in the hospital I was startled and I didn't know what... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 172)

Microstory 170 - Retro tales 1 After completing the 200th blog I decided to take a break and look at what I would like to do differently in the upcoming blogs. One of the things which my family shared is to share stories from the past. We gave a name as. “ Retro Tales”. These... Continue Reading →

21 revelations to 200th Blog

I had completed and posted my 150th blog on 25th July 2020 ( a day before my birthday). That day my wife threw the gauntlet, "Why don't you get to the 200th blog before our anniversary?" I accepted that challenge and the rest as they say is history. What was more fascinating was my discovery... Continue Reading →

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