RICH Tales (24)

Microstory # 19 Thoughtfully "feed" full I asked the person who was rolling the final set of plantain leaves, "will you leave that one leaf that was not eaten?" "No sir, " It will go with the waste". I did my best informing people to sit and make use of that seat. Yet that seat... Continue Reading →


He asked him thrice in the span of those 20 minutes whether I am getting late. Our driver told him," no it is ok" without checking with me. The painter was "rock steady" and our driver was "standing tall". Our driver was having constant conversations with the portrait maker encouraging him to give his best... Continue Reading →


I had an opportunity to be in Chennai for two days. It was an impromptu visit from my native place. Just the day before my trip  I WhatsApped a couple of my engineering mates to see if we can meet up in Chennai. The response was mindblowing like our Bangalore engineering mates. That Friday night, my friend... Continue Reading →

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