Microstory# 43 RICH Life  In 2019 I had read three Robin Sharma books (5AM Club, Who will cry when you die and Man who sold his Ferrari). I was watching one of his sessions over the last couple of days and in that, he makes a mention of this phrase "memento quia pulvis es".  This... Continue Reading →

RICH (36) Tales

Microstory # 36  Speechless My friend had managed to get me an aisle seat on the 12-hour flight. I saw the man approaching me, I was in no mood to relent, and I was pretty much sure that for 2019 I had given my aisle seats pretty much more than 5 times. So when I... Continue Reading →


In 2005 when I landed in Munich on my first international trip I was looking for a BMW. On this trip, I was looking for something else. After a long 20 hours flight to San Francisco, we were on the road and we spotted the first Tesla. Since then we were counting the number of... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Everything

We were in the new mall near my sister's  house when  I saw this tag line-" Try our clothes and see how you look on Instagram!" Welcome to the US! It was my second trip and it kicked off in style. On my first trip, I learned a little bit about the US when it... Continue Reading →

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