Salto Mortale

A few weeks back, I was wondering why space expeditions and movies have a big influence on me. It made me go down memory lane. Apart from my parents and my close relatives working in a space agency, I felt that there were other factors too. One of my childhood superheroes was Captain Kirk from... Continue Reading →

A mindful friend

What do we like about people? This was the title of an email newsletter I received a couple of days back from Ali Abdal. I went through the contents. It covered this aspect of the overall ‘gut feeling’ of a “good vibe”, or the feeling of “we get along really well” kind of feelings when... Continue Reading →


He told me to listen to the song "With or without you" by U2. Initially, I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics, I was enjoying the beats. Today when I listen to that song it brings old memories of Hem. It was on this day Sept 5th that our family lost my brother-in-law Hem... Continue Reading →

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