Screen presence

It was a Saturday afternoon and my daughter came back from school around 2 pm. I had the opportunity to open the door for her. Knowing that she has reached (thanks to technology) I played some of my favourite songs. While she entered she heard the song and asked me if I was watching a... Continue Reading →

Social Dial’lema

I initially told my wife that I may not be able to attend the housewarming as my travel was taking precedence. Then things changed. My travel plans altered and our neighbour dialled me ( WhatsApp ed me) and in an instant I confirmed and she thanked me. They had bought a new house and were... Continue Reading →

Save your tears

We had our neighbor visiting us last week. During our interactions he noticed one book sitting on the book stand near our television. He was curious. My wife stepped in and told him that it was her brother's work and he co-authored with another person. That is when it struck me that we are nearing... Continue Reading →

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