Past and Curious

  It was a whole day out with family. Before lunch we hit the book shop for our final purchases of the year. The shop was more than willing to give us discounts. In fact we bought books for all my family members ( in-laws , wife , daughters).  I picked a non fiction book... Continue Reading →


  One morning I forgot to eat my daily bowl of fruits. My wife was surprised because that’s the first thing I eat. My daughter remarked, "In his head, it’s all about numbers, he cannot see, hear or feel anything else". I was blinded. That was a moment for me to reflect. Professionally, I live a... Continue Reading →

Dads and Sons

In this year I have shared experiences between Dad and Daughters, Mother and Sons and Mother and Daughters. What was missing was a Dad and Son experience. Last Sunday, on my early morning run I was listening to a podcast on relationships. The same day one of my friends shared a blog about memories of... Continue Reading →

Stick the landing

I normally do not watch the Air Hostess’s safety demo before take-off.  After all what is so different? That day I made it a point to watch and listen. In fact, I also looked for all the safety exits. I was in Hyderabad and as I was heading towards the airport . I saw a... Continue Reading →

Thanks and Giving

My wife claims that she can identify the mood of the person by how I or our daughters press the doorbell. I’ve never really believed it but last Friday night she was right. I was in a very sombre mood and I had to share this story with her. I had got into the car... Continue Reading →

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