100 DAYS “RE” Count

My wife ordered a new pack of green tea (with honey and lemon) the other day.  I asked her if that meant we had finished the earlier 100 sachets. Before lockdown was introduced we never used to have this green tea (with honey and lemon). In fact, I used to hate green tea. I hated... Continue Reading →

RICH (105) Stories

Microstory (101) It was a Saturday morning and my daughter told us that she doesn't want to get ready for the dance class. To which my wife said,  "I told you to sleep early as you have dance classes." My wife tried to persuade her but she refused. She said, " I am tired and... Continue Reading →

F(e)ATHER Touch

  "Wow what a line " my elder daughter slid to my side from our drawing-room sofa as we watched the final moments of the movie " Pursuit of Happyness". One of the movies on my bucket list was ticked 15 years after its release.  During that movie, I saw my younger daughter moving closer... Continue Reading →

RICH (100) Stories

Microstory (97 ) - Read my Blog  It was late evening on a Sunday and  I did not see those toys in my balcony. I knew my younger daughter and her friends had already taken it from my balcony. The backstory was that during the lockdown we had organized one day for discarding things. While... Continue Reading →

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