"I have this book, I have not read this book. How is it?" "You still carry books around, I know you from the old days, You and your philosophy!" "It is good that you are carrying a book, what is that book you are reading?" Three different people commented as soon as they saw me... Continue Reading →

Two Good Movies

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was repeatedly mentioning to my wife that we should see the "2018" movie in the theatre. Thanks to my travel and weekend preoccupations didn't make it. So it was a welcome blessing when I saw "2018" coming on OTT. 2018 (marketed as 2018: Everyone is a Hero) is a 2023... Continue Reading →

That Part Of My Life Is Called…

One day my younger daughter called me and started describing the things she got from me. She said, "I got your nose and hair ( when you had some)".She then went on to describe how she inherited things from her mother's side. So today as I thought about penning some lines about Dad I started... Continue Reading →

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