Co’V’dified – Be Strong

In the initial days of the lockdown, my wife was telling me that the days are not moving but suddenly we noticed that we are in June. That made me reflect on what I've done in the last 68 days. At the beginning, I had started keeping a small wired journal, jotting down what I... Continue Reading →

White Space

I had finished my call before 1.15PM. I saw that my wife was on the call. From a distance, I could make out from her face that the person whom we lovingly addressed as Mr. White and White has left us. I froze even though I was anticipating this news from yesterday night when I... Continue Reading →

RICH (96) Stories- More Reflections

Microstory (92) - Travel¬† My wife asked me, " For the last 55 days plus you have not been traveling while you use to be traveling a minimum 3 days in a week. How do you find yourself locked down and what has changed?" That made me realize that I have picked up many different... Continue Reading →


Microstory 85 - Taking it for granted It was Arijit Singh's birthday. As a family, we are ardent fans. So my wife started playing hit lists from Amazon Music. One particular song caught my attention. I asked my wife,¬† "Which movie is this from as I liked it very much and it was recommended by... Continue Reading →

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