Travel Diary

It was during my morning walk that it came to mind how I have been traveling from Day 1 of this year. Last year also on Dec 1st post noon we had traveled to my hometown and this time with full family and ever since then I have been also traveling for official purposes in... Continue Reading →

What happens with that thing?

A couple of days back, I was browsing through the Economic Times' edit page and saw that there was a pictorial section 'bell curve' by R Prasad. It comes up daily with some interesting images like Scott Adams Dilbert and Amul in the Times of India. I saw this image and text and I had... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 138)

Microstory 135 - New Journal It was sometime in the later part of 2020 that I decided to have a new journal ( Front cover " Grow from Inside) for 2021. I had bought it since it had quotes on each page for every day. On Jan 1st 2021, I had a look at the... Continue Reading →

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