Why do you Blog?

My wife asked me sometime in November, "Why do you blog?" I started thinking and in the process missed my last weekend blogging. I was about to tell her my standard answer , " I want to share a slice of life" and thus draw inspiration from myself. My go to answer was this one... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 128 )

Microstory 126 - Dove tales If I have to look back at the lockdown period, that's when we all learned to slow down, or shall I say pigeon-hole our lives in different ways. I used to spend a lot of time in the balcony and I used to get fascinated with the pigeons around me.... Continue Reading →

This is my Tribe

Ian shared on the WhatsApp the above paragraphs from a book about the tribe. Let me share the story of my friend who is a storyteller At 12.16 PM on Tuesday 3rd Nov my friend Kavitha messaged on the WhatsApp group of the TILT community that Yeaaaaaaaa the ventilator is off!! That was the update... Continue Reading →

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