Living in the Moment

Mark Twain said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Everything in between is a "blur"except for some "chiseled" moments. Recently, after a long time, we had a weekend starting from the middle of the week. So, we decided to go for... Continue Reading →

Can Everyone be an Artist?

Matisse says, “Creativity takes courage” and so she did it.  It was a nice Sunday evening and it was nearing dinner time. We had just finished the "unfinished 1 min video" from yesterday. My wife’s creativity work was flowing. I could sense that because even the small drops of water dripping from the tap was disturbing... Continue Reading →

Save the ones you can Jake !

Can you lay your life down, so a stranger can live? Can you take what you need, but take less than you give? Could you close every day, without the glory and fame? Could you hold your head high, when no one knows your name? That's how legends are made, at least that's what they... Continue Reading →

Avocado Anxiety

Do you know the no.1 anxiety that British millennials have? It is Avocado Anxiety. A terror of the fruit not being ripe! Waiting all day for online deliveries and forgetting passwords are the worst other “first-world” problems faced by millennial Britons, a survey has found. We can laugh but are we immune from such needless... Continue Reading →

Dusk to Dawn

My 13 year old daughter came up to me this Sunday morning as we were about to leave for the final ritual. She showed me, on  iTunes, a new song "Dusk till  Dawn" by Zayn ( for the uninitiated, he is the guy who came out of One Direction). I was seeing  her in this... Continue Reading →

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