It was the puja weekend and we watched two movies. One Malayalam movie "Varane Avashyam undu" was random as I was flipping through Amazon prime. The Times of India critic rated it 3.5 out of 5 stars and wrote that "it is a feel-good movie for all audience and probably all seasons because it is all... Continue Reading →

I am not what happened to me

Why should I watch a movie on fear? Whenever I would discuss and talk about Richard Gere, my wife would discuss the movie " Primal Fear'. I would listen and my internal dialogue would be " Maybe its time has not come". In other words, I was not interested in a movie about fear even... Continue Reading →

I am Grateful

I was speaking to my old school friend after a long time. It went on for 45 minutes. During that conversation we went into one of the initiatives she is planning, to uplift a certain section of society. That resonated with me and the above quote flew out of my mouth. Sometimes, you don't have... Continue Reading →


My love for cricket dates back to 1984. Those were the days I would wake up with an alarm at 4.30 AM sometimes along with my mother. We would sit and watch Benson and Hedges series matches. It was an attraction to see the players in colored jersey and white ball. My fascination for cricket... Continue Reading →

RICH(121) Stories

Microstory 118 Practice I asked my younger daughter, "Please tell me when are you going to practice dance"? My wife and I were in the other room and we could hear the shouting from the Dance teacher who was taking online dance classes. I was listening intently if my daughter's name is coming up or... Continue Reading →

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