Sleep inertia is where your morning grogginess lasts longer and you don't feel alert or can't concentrate. It was one such Sunday morning as I got up and I had my Coffee in the Balcony to overcome it. I had shared the RICH life equation in my earlier blog 5 AM + Hot coffee + Balcony fresh... Continue Reading →

“Play” list

I am a big fan of music. It quenches my soul and to me, music is a reverie. I have, over a period of time, built my own playlist. Different ones for different occasions. I particularly play my running and party playlist on the weekends. In fact, I was much in awe of my existing... Continue Reading →

Kon’zoomed’ with Marie

I had published my latest blog on Oct 10th 2021 and since then I was on a journey. In my last blog, I ended with this line "Your best moments won’t come from getting a reward but from expanding the possibilities for your life." So it was time to do it. The best way to... Continue Reading →

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