I asked my wife what is the meaning of hand-me-down. She explained it to me and I got it. But I experienced it a different way... Over the last 10 years in my community, I had made very few friends and I must admit that I did not make any attempt to improve that circle.... Continue Reading →

Greatest Team…

Looks like it took me exactly a week to get over it. If 2011 was for Tendulkar I wish this time it was for Rohit and Rahul. It was not to be. I understood the meaning of "there is a slip between the cup and the lip "! My sister called me with full family... Continue Reading →

Weekly Potpourri – Euphoria

We came out of the moonshot euphoria a month back. The latest one is the cricket carnival happening in the sub-continent. My wife couldn't stand the buffering that was happening because one of our internet connections was down. She decided to "play on" by reinstating Tata Play. I walked in that evening and was wondering... Continue Reading →

Home Alone

Once in a while, there comes a time in your life when you have to express yourself completely... That happened to me when my family was out for 10 days. As it turned out, it was a festive time and I had fewer business travels. So here I am inside the 4 walls of the... Continue Reading →

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