Saturday Shuffle

It was 7AM on a Saturday morning and I was hearing the song "Despacito." In comes the call. My wife said, "They missed the bus." Our kids had missed the school bus and they had to be in school that day. One had an exam and the other had an important match. Thanks to practicing AIM, I... Continue Reading →

Art in my heart

My wife knew that I will say no, if she says, "Why don't you join us  for this dance program?" So she knew what to say this time. "Just come over, you might get some ideas for your new blog". At 5.30PM on a Friday evening, I had other plans. That punchline that I will... Continue Reading →

Standing Out

  Let me tell you a story: I reached the hotel reception for checking in at 10PM. The front desk person was very efficient and he had kept all the documents ready and I had to put one signature and it gave me a good feel. These days you do not need to ask their... Continue Reading →

Teeter Totter Sept 5th

Y'day my elder daughter decided not to go to school today, the younger one wanted to go to school and give a card to her teacher. In fact, she reiterated to me " No studies" On Sept 5th, 2000, my mother was very happy. It was my sister's marriage and given the kind of ordeal... Continue Reading →

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