Teeter Totter Sept 5th


Y’day my elder daughter decided not to go to school today, the younger one wanted to go to school and give a card to her teacher. In fact, she reiterated to me ” No studies”


On Sept 5th, 2000, my mother was very happy. It was my sister’s marriage and given the kind of ordeal my mother went in life, it was quite understandable that she wanted to get her married before her retirement.


Sept 5th, 2001 I had the opportunity to meet my wife for the first time.


I got up today, went and flipped the tabletop calendar. Sept 5th, 2017 was the darkest day for our family. Today we are mourning my brother-in-law  leaving us forever



So until last year, we looked at Sept 5th differently and suddenly this year it is like a teeter-totter Sept 5th. When I look back I understood that we all have our quotas of setbacks in life. That is the only way to take solace and keep moving forward.


The lesson, the above message conveyed to me was how we have to raise up and keep moving forward. Thinking of raising up, I cannot forget this song which my younger daughter keeps singing every day by Josh Groban.


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