RICH Stories ( 147)

Microstory 146 - Books Before I set out for this travel, I gave a book " Tiny habits" to my wife and asked her if she can go through the book. I told her it was an instant buy in one of that airports and I had promised myself that I will only buy new... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (145)

Microstory 143 - RICH Moment I was catching up with one of my friends. We were in a cafe. One of the topics we were discussing was networking. Amidst the noise of vehicles honking there was something about the air outside the cafe because of which we decided to sit outside. So we were perched... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (142)

Microstory 139 - Choice It's very rare that I hold a new book for 15 minutes in a book shop and not buy the same. That is what I did last week. I held this book and read the preface, catchy lines, breezy phrases, and yet I decided to keep it back. But it lingered... Continue Reading →

RICH Uncut ” Jan 2021″

I was rearranging my home workplace and I have this habit to keep rotating things around in my room. This is to bring some newness and playfulness to life. So on that day, I decided to Marie Kondo to my room to discard some of the old papers. Before deciding to throw them away I... Continue Reading →

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