RICH Stories (145)

Microstory 143 – RICH Moment

I was catching up with one of my friends. We were in a cafe. One of the topics we were discussing was networking. Amidst the noise of vehicles honking there was something about the air outside the cafe because of which we decided to sit outside. So we were perched closer to the boundary of the cafe and I could see a small lane where vehicles were parked and could see some passerby. Our discussion veered around a lot of things and finally, we discussed networking in the new era. I shared that “if you can make the other person feel good about himself then we have achieved” as Maya Angelou would say, and that this is a good part of networking effectively. In the next instance, one of the passerby people stopped and he caught my attention. Once he established attention he started speaking in English from the side of the road asking me to pay him for a cup of coffee. I eventually had to get up and placed myself in a position near the cafe boundary to have a conversation. I asked him few questions and I gave him some money for the coffee. Never before I had this instance in my life when I had professed something and I had to practice it right away at the drop of a hat. At the end of the day what I realized is that, by doing that act of paying for his coffee, I had a RICH moment.

Microstory 144 – Branded Facelook

These days when you travel you notice different types of masks and in various shades and hues. In fact, I overheard many conversations while I was on the bus from the airport onboarding gate to the aircraft gate and vice versa. Some of the stories were very funny. One person was able to identify the other person from his same office in the flight just because they both were wearing a branded mask with the name of their companies! In fact, I saw another person having a conversation with his colleague on the bus where they were sitting next to each other and then taking off their face shield to notice that they had met some years back and it was like those filmy moments. I landed home in the night and as I was entering through the door my elder daughter made this comment, ” I cannot believe you are wearing plaid on your face“. We are looking for ways and means for facelifts.

Microstory 145 – BRules

In the flight, the air hostess exhorts everyone to only get up from their seat only after seeing the front row passengers disembarking through the aisle. In my journeys, I have noticed consistently that that advice was paid heed by a few, and there are a set of passengers who will spring up from their seats immediately after the flight comes to a halt. Again the air hostess had to make one more clarion call to repeat to distance socially while most of the people will be standing and accessing social media. Another incident was when I saw a person holding a book titled ” 12 rules of life” and the person was doing his best to get past others and disembark as fast as possible. I was trying to figure out the rules of life listed in the book and I was wondering what that person is holding and what that person beholds. Ultimately you get a sense of satisfaction when your check-in bag comes first out of the belt and you roll that baggage of yours past that person!

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