RICH (50)Stories

Microstory 51 My daughter draped a shawl around my wife's shoulder. My wife did not respond. She waited for some time. She then asked her, " What is the word you would say in return when someone does something nice to you?", My wife said, " Thank you". Get ready to get reverse mentored! Microstory... Continue Reading →

The joy of Little things

It was her constant push that made me decide to book the ticket. We had looked at all options and figured out that all options were costly. We decided that we will pay the price as such moments do not come often in life. I wanted to be there with her when she was meeting... Continue Reading →

RICH Stranger

I asked him which book he is reading. He said " Ulysses". He then went on to explain how he is enjoying the book. A few hours back he was a stranger. I had met him at my friend's place as we had gone there to see Dussehra kolu decoration. My college friend had invited... Continue Reading →

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