RICH (72) Stories

Microstory  67 - Bonhomie It was our second TILT meeting of the year. Just before the break we did an exercise of meeting and greeting people who had made a big difference in people's lives. That was a nice gesture organized at TILT just before the break. We were prepared with our chits and gifts.  The... Continue Reading →


I was calling my mother almost every day to check his health. I also checked with one of the Doctors who did the surgery. As a routine, I called her yesterday.¬† She didn't pick up my call. I was into my office calls and suddenly I saw a couple of missed calls. I could sense... Continue Reading →

RICH (66) Stories

Microstory¬† - 61 In the aircraft, we were seated, belted and grounded. People were sharing their life stories. I enjoyed overhearing all the stories as they were coming thick and fast. My co-passenger was extolling the virtues of his home town and was narrating some of the tales of that city. Suddenly the voice from... Continue Reading →


Microstory (58) - Role Model Does your mother always compare you with someone? For me, it's one of my older cousins. When I was younger my mother used to say, " Look at him". At that time I didn't bother, I thought, what does know about teenagers? So there was a collision. A few days... Continue Reading →

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