Microstory (58) – Role Model


Does your mother always compare you with someone? For me, it’s one of my older cousins. When I was younger my mother used to say, ” Look at him”. At that time I didn’t bother, I thought, what does know about teenagers? So there was a collision.

A few days back he called me to check if I am in town. Luckily I was in town. The next day on my way to the airport I made it a point to drop by his hotel and see him. Over the years, our relationship has changed. He is well-liked by all our relatives and keeps in touch with everyone. Now I was seeking advice. He too is a father of two daughters, now grown up and I wanted to hear his perspective. Like the man, his advice was straight and simple, “I tell my daughters do have a great life but make sure you have conventions like following some traditions and bonding with your family.”  It’s taken me many years to appreciate my mother’s wisdom and now I have role-modeled him for his humility, down to earth behavior and respect for elders.

Microstory  – 59 – We don’t play GOD


My mother told me that the Doctor who performed your surgery last year, remembers you. That was nice to know. I recollected that old conversation when I shared my blog. This time I met him for a review. I loved the warmth and the free flow of communication between us. During that visit, I also took the opportunity to understand more about the condition of my great-uncle who was admitted to the same hospital. He was very open to discuss the risks and explained the conditions with greater detail. His submission to me was, ” we don’t play god“. Till then, I had a view that doctors didn’t believe in that universal power.


Microstory  – 60- Random Act of Courtesy

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At the airport, there was this long queue. I had enough time in my hand, so I was not much worried. Behind me was a lady with a kid and a trolley full of baggage. I noticed that she was struggling with both. I was getting closer to the desk. She kept checking her watch and obviously seemed nervous. I wish someone sees this at the front and make way for her and kid to proceed further and help. It was not her day. She asked the person in front of me if she can go forward. I saw this and  I was thinking that he will agree. It was not her day again. Next was me and I offered her to put her bag. In a moment she was happy. Then she did something which made me realize how I miss doing somethings in life.  She said, ” you have only one suitcase, it will be faster“. Seeing this exchange the staff accelerated their energy and gave me the boarding pass stuck with the baggage slip in a jiffy. I thanked her back. Isn’t it interesting, how people reciprocate to a random act of courtesy?



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