RICH Stories (145)

Microstory 143 - RICH Moment I was catching up with one of my friends. We were in a cafe. One of the topics we were discussing was networking. Amidst the noise of vehicles honking there was something about the air outside the cafe because of which we decided to sit outside. So we were perched... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (142)

Microstory 139 - Choice It's very rare that I hold a new book for 15 minutes in a book shop and not buy the same. That is what I did last week. I held this book and read the preface, catchy lines, breezy phrases, and yet I decided to keep it back. But it lingered... Continue Reading →

RICH Uncut ” Jan 2021″

I was rearranging my home workplace and I have this habit to keep rotating things around in my room. This is to bring some newness and playfulness to life. So on that day, I decided to Marie Kondo to my room to discard some of the old papers. Before deciding to throw them away I... Continue Reading →

Travel Diary

It was during my morning walk that it came to mind how I have been traveling from Day 1 of this year. Last year also on Dec 1st post noon we had traveled to my hometown and this time with full family and ever since then I have been also traveling for official purposes in... Continue Reading →

What happens with that thing?

A couple of days back, I was browsing through the Economic Times' edit page and saw that there was a pictorial section 'bell curve' by R Prasad. It comes up daily with some interesting images like Scott Adams Dilbert and Amul in the Times of India. I saw this image and text and I had... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 138)

Microstory 135 - New Journal It was sometime in the later part of 2020 that I decided to have a new journal ( Front cover " Grow from Inside) for 2021. I had bought it since it had quotes on each page for every day. On Jan 1st 2021, I had a look at the... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (134)

Microstory 132 - Bridge My elder daughter kept changing English songs. I was in the driver's seat and my wife was also wondering why she is not listening to the full song. She mentioned that English songs after a couple of lines and stanzas are quite predictable and there is only a single bridge. I... Continue Reading →

Live colorfully 2021 and beyond

Every year the Prognosticators at Pantone - (those trend forecasters who scour the globe for months noting developments in clothing, cars, Kitchens, Coffee ( the stuff that surrounds us )) translate the prevailing trends into a color they claim will be the dominant shade of the coming year 2021. As John Mayer says, "Life is... Continue Reading →

un abrazo fuerte

This was a week of Greek and Latin. When I started writing this blog my elder daughter and her friends were watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and they were raving about Spain and also the beauty of Latin languages. By now I also remember scene by scene of that movie. I like the songs from... Continue Reading →

Like Never before

In 2020 I have done things like never before. Here is my summary of 30 things that made me realize that there is always a new beginning Never before have I, on the trot, got up continuously for 2 months at 5 AM and felt good about the sleep 2. Never before have I got... Continue Reading →

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