Fire and Ice “reimagined”

It was a couple of months back when my elder daughter gave me a piece of paper and asked me to go through this poem by Robert Frost. I attempted several times to leverage the deep meaning hidden in this poem but to no avail. Finally, today morning when I saw it again I felt... Continue Reading →


Micro 73 - Italian connection I reached out to four of my professional friends through Linked in and checked how they were with their family. All four responded and they all shared and one particular one was a long response which went like this,  "  I am fine and so is everyone in the family.... Continue Reading →


    In the flight, I was browsing through the inhouse magazine of an airline and it featured 4 leading ladies. Ruth Handler (Barbie girl), Oprah Winfrey ( Talk show fame), Coco Chanel (Leading fashion designer) and Moumita Dutta ( Mission Mangal scientist). All these leading ladies had one thing in common " Determination to... Continue Reading →

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