RICH Stories (160)

Microstory 157 - Scary I saw from a distance a person and a small girl together. I was heading towards the washroom. They slowed down and enquired about the washroom. I overheard and got to understand that it was Dad and his young daughter, hardly 6 years old in my view. He showed her the... Continue Reading →

R.I.C.H but not R.I.C.H enough

I was disembarking this week in an airport and I saw the above billboard from a distance and I couldn't help myself pause for a moment. In fact, to register it and use it for my writing and speaking, I took a picture and stored it on my phone. I didn't ponder much about it... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories ( 156)

Microstory 154 - Tee Up It was after a long time I was standing in a line in a public place with around 250 people ahead of me. I always get fascinated by people who wear T-Shirts with quotes. So I saw a lady wearing a nice black T-Shirt and in that it was imprinted... Continue Reading →

RICH Stories (153)

Microstory 151 - Equalizers in Life It was March 7th and our internet was on and off for a couple of hours. I noticed that we all were running after a few bytes. There was a video prepared by my friend and while we were seeing the video, it started buffering. We were soaking in... Continue Reading →


I was catching up in person with some of my close friends the other day and the topic veered around truth and lies. I decided to go for it and at one point words flew from my mouth that I follow 80% truth and 20% Lies. Just the application of Pareto's principle. All eyes were... Continue Reading →


Furniture... During my travel, my room and my balcony were the go-to places for my younger daughter and her friends till some time. On the first of February, I ventured into changing the decor of the room. This I have learned from my mother from my younger days. Every three months she will keep shifting... Continue Reading →

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