R.I.C.H but not R.I.C.H enough

I was disembarking this week in an airport and I saw the above billboard from a distance and I couldn’t help myself pause for a moment. In fact, to register it and use it for my writing and speaking, I took a picture and stored it on my phone. I didn’t ponder much about it at that point in time. In the next few days, I was wondering whether I was using some shields in some of the situations in life. I might have reasoned myself out of that situation as I wanted to show that ” I know it all” and was overconfident.

I had a copy of Ryan Holiday’s book ” Ego is your enemy” which I have not read so far. But I knew its time has come now. So I started looking at some of the notions from the book. Ryan says, ” Impressing people is utterly different from being truly impressive “. I researched the essence of that statement and it can be boiled down to one simple thing in life which is

Our unique self can only shine when we live a life true to ourselves.

As Najib Shah wrote in the speaking tree last week, ” Alas in this increasingly image-conscious world, we have people aggressively promoting themselves. Wanting to be in the limelight all the time. But, once again, the last word by Dickinson ” How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog!

There are RICH moments in life when you feel good about yourself when you are all by yourself. Then there are moments where you feel that you are RICH was not RICH enough and I don’t mean money. I have learned one thing in life: ” You become RICH by enRICHing others.”

How do you do that ?

I found the answer in a CS Lewis quote while I was reading “Speaking tree” and in the same article of Najib shah.

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