Third Wave

My wife said, " We wouldn't have done this at home!" She was referring to the quality time we had with our kids in a coffee shop ( Third Wave). The coffee shop was my commitment to my elder daughter on father's day. My commitment to my younger daughter was a soft toy and after... Continue Reading →

My R.I.C.H Dad

My Dad's RICHness was in taking care of others . Dad and his memories made me realize the importance of love, caring, and support. I remember those moments when our relatives would come to our place and stay and we sit around and talk for long hours. It was a treat to see the house full... Continue Reading →


"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." It was because of this quote that I looked up Rumi seriously, sometime back and It was a treat to know him. So what do these words mean? Only when you have trusted and broken your heart enough times you will reach a point where you'll realize that love is not a game... Continue Reading →

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