Make someone special

One day I was at the boarding gate and suddenly noticed that I do not have my PAN card. Luckily I had another govt ID proof and that was good enough to sail through my trip. After coming home I checked everywhere and I realized that I had lost in transit.¬†After some drooling and beating... Continue Reading →

Lake Conversations

If anyone asks you if you want to see a lake turn red what would you say? We reached Chikmagalur around noon. Raghu, our driver told us that we would have to keep the plan for going to the mountain the next day. So we did not know what to do. Raghu came out with... Continue Reading →

Just Like that!

The other day in our friends' circle WhatsApp group, I checked out if we can catch up for a cup of tea in a nearby place called "Chai Gali". I knew it was tough on a weekend for friends and families to rework on the priorities and make it for tea. It fizzled out. I... Continue Reading →

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