Insightful encounters

We thought it will take only 45 minutes on a Saturday morning. We were going for my younger daughter's PTM (Parent teacher meeting) in the school. I sat down next to the driver and put on the navigation. I saw that it would take 55 minutes. I immediately conveyed that to my wife who was... Continue Reading →

Toying with Words

I've always been fascinated with words, language and its beauty in conveying simple things. In this blog, I am paying my respect to my language influencers. People from different professions had a way with words. Let me start with some writers, columnists, and authors whose work has helped me develop a process to improve my... Continue Reading →

Beautiful inside…

Yesterday night I saw my daughter laughing a lot seeing the serial "Jessie". She went down from the bed and started rolling on the floor and laughing. I immediately recalled that this is called ROFL. She was not sure what I was talking about. She continued with her laughter therapy and then came to me... Continue Reading →

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