Green shoots

"Why are you going? It is all flooded there," my 7-year-old daughter asked me as I was leaving for Trivandrum. My family had not been too affected by the floods but the scale of devastation on the state was terrible. I was very apprehensive as I boarded the flight. I was traveling on the day... Continue Reading →

In each pause, I hear the call

On Aug 15th (last week) I was on a hot line with my mother. Overnight, Kerala witnessed the heaviest downpour in a century. In the past, we have seen water coming up till our car porch and this time too my mother was thinking that it will recede. I kept checking with her every 30mins.... Continue Reading →

Confetti moments

That morning I was seeing my younger daughter taking out golden tiny pieces of confetti from my wife's hair. While going back to her room, she said, "Dad you don't have that problem, Since you don't have any hair!" I had slept 7 hrs and still was feeling sleepy. But hearing this comment , it... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name ?

I went for my routine jog this morning . I make it a point to smile and wave my hand to a couple of my security friends. In the last one month I made it a point to remember two names- Kartik and Sharath. Today I saw Sharath coming in the cycle and I smiled... Continue Reading →

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