Educational Rockstars

In the last two weeks, we lost a couple of our college professors. Thanks to social media, WA group we get to know and we were for a moment thinking about them and their services  It is indeed a privilege that teachers do this work out of sheer joy. I jogged my memory cells to... Continue Reading →

Just Chill

There is a special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. A few days back when my mother-in-law tried to give my younger daughter some advice she wouldn't listen and told her, "Just chill grandma!" Yesterday I overheard her telling her friend, "I'm feeling very sad. My grandparents have gone back to Kerala."  I told her that... Continue Reading →

A Breathtaking Journey

A few days back I had read about the disappearance of the Indian couple from the Yosemite Cliff in the US. Reading that article and its aftereffects had lingered with me for some time. With my inlaws, we had planned a Diwali week trip to a nearby location. I had left the entire logistics arrangement... Continue Reading →

(T)ravel(20) Lesson

  “Oh no, we have to go back home I forgot my phone at home,” I told Shaji. We halted our car 300m from home. My first instinct was to ask him, "Can you reverse and go back?"I looked at my watch. I was supposed to leave by 6.15AM but it was already 6.20AM. Without... Continue Reading →

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