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There is a special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. A few days back when my mother-in-law tried to give my younger daughter some advice she wouldn’t listen and told her, “Just chill grandma!”

Yesterday I overheard her telling her friend, “I’m feeling very sad. My grandparents have gone back to Kerala.”  I told her that you can speak to them and we will meet them soon in December. She heaved a sigh of relief. My in-laws had come to visit us for 3 weeks. We had some good time together.


This took me back to my memories of my grandparents.

First, let me share my memories of my paternal grandmother. She would always bring sweets from other houses for me during my school days. My grandmother loved mangoes and she would get raw mangoes with salt for my friends and me after school. I still recollect the last days and final hours with her in the hospital. Looking at her photograph once in a while I recollect those past memories and cherish the warmth and care she rendered to me. It was a special relationship.


My maternal grandfather was an example of zero tension and hero function. In life in my view, he had never allowed tension and stress to get the better of him except sudden passing away of my father. His heroic function was around the way he managed his day. He would get up early, read the newspaper, go for walk and would eat on time every day. He used to narrate the history of Europe and it was apt from my side to get him a German history book when I came back once from Germany. Every time I go to my native home and when I garland his photo I remember those days when I used to sit outside in the verandah and have a chat with him on world affairs. I’m happy that I could be there for his 100th and 101st birthday and had the opportunity to meet him a month before his demise.

I had a very special admiration for my wife’s grandmother. Her grace and the way she cared about people was a great learning for me. She did not travel much in life but her letters traveled wherever we were around the globe. It was great to receive her letters and I loved replying to her. Whenever I met her, she used to narrate stories from the epics and from her life and it was refreshing.

A few months back I was in my native home and I was having a chat with my maternal grandmother. She follows good routines thanks to my mother. She is very current as she reads the newspaper every day and also sees TV. Last time, as I was leaving, she kissed my hand and said, “Happy journey”. It was a nice feeling and I wallowed in that moment for some time.  Every time I tell her one thing, “I will come back soon”, and next time I will add, ” Just Chill ” until then!


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