Are we all wired for weird?

I was a hardcore non – vegetarian . Paneer , Rajma and Palak  were always for my wife. Three years back I decided to quit non-veg food. One of the weirdest things I did in a conference last week was to have Chappati with one bowl of veg soup and one bowl of Rasam. Isn’t that... Continue Reading →

Is passion overrated?

After seeing the movie Dangal, it came to my mind that what the father did to his daughters can be called the antithesis of modern parenthood. The strict regimentation, mental cruelty and physical toughness they endured lead them to find their glory. As a parent I would not follow this method with my children. It... Continue Reading →

Do you have the Skill and the Will to grow?

  We are now in a world of abundance. To manage growth, we need to have skill and will. Max Landsberg mentions in Tao of Coaching (# Tao of coaching) Skill depends on experience, training and understanding. Will depends on the desire to achieve, incentives, security and confidence. In the below quadrant, a person with Low skill and... Continue Reading →

Learning is not a spectator sport

I noticed that in January 2017  I have attended some good training programs. (Offline , Online )  totaling 30 hrs . That got me into thinking of results. What is the impact of these 30 hrs of training in my professional and personal Life in the first 35 days in 2017  ? We have attended a lot of these... Continue Reading →

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