Are we all wired for weird?

I was a hardcore non – vegetarian . Paneer , Rajma and Palak  were always for my wife. Three years back I decided to quit non-veg food. One of the weirdest things I did in a conference last week was to have Chappati with one bowl of veg soup and one bowl of Rasam. Isn’t that weird?

Welcome to this world of weirdness. I borrow this from #Seth Godin (We are all weird). In today’s world there is more weirdness than normal and that is a good thing . To be weird literally means  to induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone (adj: suggesting something supernatural; unearthly). Everything that is not normal is weird. In today’s world there is more weirdness than normal.

Today we are wired for weird. We have a digital life . How can we bring up our weirdness on a day to day basis?  I am in the quest for more weirdness to realise my full potential to reach my goals. Will they come true?


To me weirdness has helped me to go beyond my normal self perception. One of the weirdest things I do these days is to say yes to something I have not done before and then figure it out later. I like this quote from Tony Robbins If you change nothing, nothing changes.”

I do not want to get into auto pilot mode. I want to pilot a test, jump in and take charge and have fun. The secret to being weird is the wiring in your brain. On the outside if you act weird, your brain gets rewired on the inside. Become more self aware and take a moment and ask yourself “What if I try this and get a new experience?”  Try this when everyone is watching.

Today I am weird enough to re-wire myself every time I encounter a new possibility to test my limits. As Godin says “weirdness is about making a choice.” (check my previous post Is choice good for passion?).

Do you want to stand up for what you believe in and do what you want rather than what others want? Being weird will get you there. Are you ready to become weird?






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