Are you ready to re-assign blame?


Imagine if we have a team which feels that the issue “facing them can be best addressed by some one else”. A problem arises, a solution is needed and each team member says it can be best addressed “not by me ” , “he can do it better”,”not my cup of tea”. This becomes a big reason for collective failure. When things don’t work they start blaming. So how do we start identifying such situations and thereafter reassign blame?

I had to encounter such a situation recently and I felt an external coach would be the best person to identify the problem. A coach with an outside perspective alters the team views. He does not have all the answers, but fortunately some of their answers were questioned.

“Energy is Everything ” and ” “Everything is Energy”. You cannot create synergy without energy. In the room there was no energy , it was the person who was on the conference call who brought all the energy. In an instant, things started to shift. Team members were calling out compliments , backing each others’ ideas. Suddenly the force field  insulation aka “blame baton”  around them got dropped.

It is in these moments when we allow our conscious to be re defined that we start liking the other person’s attitude and aptitude. In the team , the person who was blaming others  the most, reassigned the blame to himself. I realised that he made the shift from blaming others  to self-correction. As Anais Nin says “We see the world as “we” are and not as “it” is, because it is the “I” behind the “eye”that does the seeing.”

We need to watch out for flawed attempts to assign blame . We can instead reassign the blame in an instant by  understanding others. So let us not pass the blame baton , instead tame the blame,  before it flames.

Corporates have offsite retreats or team building activities to address only one thing in my view “ have a human connection and understand the other person better.”

TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. So when you are in blame game situations, what do you do?  Do as Elon Musk says, everything needs to be boiled down to the Physics. 


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