R.I.C.H (12) tales

Microstory #7: What choice do you have? It was a Saturday afternoon, the only time I am guaranteed to be at home. While I am busy on weekdays traveling, my family is busy on weekends. The kids have their dance classes and tuitions and wife and I are busy driving them around. So I look... Continue Reading →

R.I.C.H (6) tales

  Micro story 1   Travel expands your horizon and you start looking at life in a different way. I was in my native place. After my workout in the park, I was having my post-run morning tea in a little tea shop. There was a beggar who was looking down and a dog that was... Continue Reading →


What is he doing there, Is he doing proxy? What's there in his bag? These were the comments I got from my college WhatsApp group when my friend had posted the above picture. Actually, I was looking through the glass at our old classroom and reflecting back on how we all sat in that class... Continue Reading →

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