R.I.C.H (6) tales



Micro story 1


Travel expands your horizon and you start looking at life in a different way. I was in my native place. After my workout in the park, I was having my post-run morning tea in a little tea shop. There was a beggar who was looking down and a dog that was roaming around. Another man walked into the shop,  he bought a Rs 5 packet of biscuit. He looked around and gave the biscuits to the dog. The beggar lifted his head and looked up.


Micro story 2

Last weekend, I watched Super 30 and I was struck by this phrase “Don’t deny anyone a chance to follow their bliss”.

I was in a shop standing in line to pay the bill. A shabbily dressed boy and girl, standing ahead of me, leaned forward to pay their bill. They were clutching a piece of candy. The shopkeeper shooed them away. I asked him why? He said he did not have change for 100 Rupees and walked away in a huff. Noticing a sense of sadness in the children, I gave them the change despite the shopkeeper’s reluctance. The girl immediately gave me the 100 rupee note, counted the change and gave the money to the shopkeeper. She was barely 8 years and I was impressed.


Micro Story 3

My wife, elder daughter and I were coming back from young teenagers’ public speaking class which I was coordinating. My younger daughter was also around and she was accompanied by her best friend. I told my younger daughter we will do a speaking session for you as well. Her best friend asked curiously how can we speak like them? My younger daughter said, “ you speak with your mouth”. We had a good laugh. Kids do not have inhibitions and so they ask questions and they figure out answers which are free from biases. My learning “Create a child-like wonder” approach in your day to day like by asking questions and figuring out those answers.

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Micro story – 4

I left for office today around 9.45AM, knew there will be heavy traffic ahead.  A cow was standing in the middle of the road. The car in front of the cow did not honk and he was enjoying the scene. The car behind was honking as he could not see what was ahead. Since I was on the side I saw the cow and it was a sight I captured. I noticed a guy in a bus stretching out and taking a picture. Sometimes “you do not know why people wonder until they see the real wonder”.


Micro story 5

Post my reunion with my engineering batch mates I got close to 5 friend requests on Facebook from ladies in our group. I was with my wife and she checked my FB updates and noticed the same. I was thinking, what will she do next. She just asked me “Shall I confirm“.


Micro Story 6

That day my wife was not feeling well. She reached home somehow after exercise parking our car on the opposite side of the apartment. I called that unknown person who helped her cross the road. I decided to go to the office after getting our car back in the apartment. On the way, I realized that I had forgotten to take my office phone. I suddenly asked the driver to take a u-turn. He did it immediately with all-round honking from around. At that point, I realized how many times in the past I have honked when I have seen cars doing u-turn. This time I learned “how much I “unknowingly” judge people as this time I “knowingly” did the u-turn”.


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  1. Wonderful Vinod. Your eye for details and your perception of situations are amazing. It’s a joy to read your blogs.

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