RICH (117) Stories

Microstory 115 - Digital Education¬† Digital learning and entertaining is happening all around us and it is influencing us in more ways than one. My wife purchased a course as there was a deal in Udemy. Then she noticed that I can also learn as well. On a particular subject, my daughter also had a... Continue Reading →


My elder daughter said, " I love dogs, they are so loving." My wife is a cat lover and she came up with her explanation for her love for cats. I like both from a safe distance. I like kittens and I liked the way those two dogs (during my walk every day) jump, bark... Continue Reading →


"A legacy that you were a decent, kind person is all you really need to leave behind. All your professional achievements won't matter but it would be great if fifty years down the line people remember that he was a really nice man." These words by Dr Anil Abraham, a distinguished doctor, professor, Stanford alumni,... Continue Reading →

Joseph Gatsby

One of my routines over the past weekends has been to see a movie post-lunch on a Saturday or Sunday. But last weekend I saw two movies. One was Joseph and the other was The Great Gatsby. Joseph was quite simple. I had seen parts of it on TV but thanks to commercials I dropped... Continue Reading →

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