“moo”t point

How many  photos did we take? No idea , Dark ,light , dark grey, side angle ? On my b'day he called me and asked , "Can we meet soon?" Next day I planned for the get-to-gether. I was there by 7PM. Just to impress myself, You have to pat your back as Ian mentioned... Continue Reading →

Take a different street

My younger daughter was in a grouchy mood at 6.15AM. Normally she is very much upbeat on a Monday morning (she does not know about Monday blues). When asked, she said ,"My sister did not wish me Happy birthday". We immediately told the elder one to wish her and she did it in an instant.... Continue Reading →

In my way !

I took the car from the parking lot in front of the grocery store.  It was a congested street. On my right were two mini vans parked and on my left  was the grocery shop from where I had just finished shopping. Knowing very much that I have to rush to the other side, I... Continue Reading →

5 stars please !

Last week I was going in Uber. The first question was which Location. I told him the location. The next comment from him surprised me. He said ,"Let me figure out the roads which are going to give us objections !" He dropped me 10minutes before time for meeting. While I was getting down ,... Continue Reading →

We are going to Swensens

  I did my best to persuade her while driving that Swensens will be closed because of rain. As we approached and I took the right turn, she made it a point to look through the back window and confirm that it was open and she saw people sitting inside. I continued to push her... Continue Reading →

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