“moo”t point


How many  photos did we take? No idea , Dark ,light , dark grey, side angle ?

On my b’day he called me and asked , “Can we meet soon?” Next day I planned for the get-to-gether.

I was there by 7PM. Just to impress myself, You have to pat your back as Ian mentioned in a WA message last week. Soon one more joined and later 2 more of my friends joined.  We started reminiscing all the events from the past. One friend asked me, “Tell me how much mark you got in MMSC (material science)?” Pat came my response , “65”, I added, it was in our 3rd semester to confirm. Each one took each other by sharing their old memories from the campus. We captured how one prepared the wrong answer for the right questions in the exam! Time flew when each one spoke about the “most liked” ikons in the campus (This was pre-FB time). Then it  lingered on to how we all had salad days as  we were living in a uptown city. We remembered our neighbouring girl’s brother and his idiosyncracies! We remembered our then weekends and also kept harping on the fact that we then also had a good time. I was wondering how come we all could so vividly remember one particular scene in a class room? Except one person who couldn’t quite get the picture , thanks to his old age! After all that is why we catch up. Good times and Crazy friends make the best memories. We poked fun at each other and we enjoyed pulling each one down. Nobody gets hurt.


It was time for us to change gears and so we decided to look for a more happening place. Surely we were getting wired for weird. We wanted more music, more crowd and more memories. But this time the fatherhood and profession took over. We discussed and shared how our kids are growing ( or hacking growth). There were instances of how teenangers have multiple Insta feeds (something which I did not know , later confirmed with my daughter as well). It was a natural move to discuss about profession and technology. Professional discussions were limited to what each one is doing and not doing. The best part was when one of my friends interviewed a candidate who was born in the same year we passed out of college. It was a moment when we all looked at each other and the crowd around. It was packed with the 20 something generation. We experienced collisions of new age teenagers with our generations. I observed that a lot of people were with their friends and two things were common. Immediate posting of frequently taken photos and moving onto attention diverting phone applications.The gen next around was on Insta. ( I have to learn from my daughter to use Insta). We resumed our technology discussions that went from google analytics to microsoft cloud to Amazon echo (Being an apple fan I was left to my own sensibilities). It was an evening from 7 pm to 11.30PM. Our celebration was not antique and quaint compared to how 20-something now socialize.We spoke a lot , We laughed a lot, We shot a lot ( photos). We captured it all.


Last week , I learned that it is important to pat your back when you do something good, I patted my back when I made the get-together happen and also arriving at the venue on time. I patted my back when I decided to immerse myself in those moments and enjoy with my friends. It was celebration time. Sometimes you have to figure out those moments and just “jive and chill”. Don’t read too much into it because most of the points we covered were “moo points”. We lived those moments on our quirks and eccentricities.


Finally it was time to say good bye and as two of them took the cabs , I walked to my taxi cab with my other friend. Seeing an Ice Cream shop , he decided to get- in with me and get – out with 2 carts of  Icecream for both of us . Infact he nudged me to carry the Icrecream fudge.  I was initially resisting.  I reached home by 12 in the night and I was recollecting the good times. I too wanted to create a “Lunar eclipse memory”( we can all create moments). I opened the Ice cream cart and devoured atleast 4 spoonfuls of icecreams fudge. I decided to let go my healthy way.

The lunar eclipse of the century or the bloody moon, captivated the world on friday. While the event lasted 4 hrs, the entire moon was in shadow for 103 minutes. Our time with friends lasted for 240 minutes and It was a captivating evening for me. So as the moon was getting darker and bloodier  because of the earth’s shadow. I was feeling lighter and  brighter  because of those moo points. But the moot point as the old saying goes was ,”Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there“.


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  1. It is always uplifting to catch up with friends… and re-live this magical moments. More power to our friends – who are the family that we get to choose.

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