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My younger daughter was in a grouchy mood at 6.15AM. Normally she is very much upbeat on a Monday morning (she does not know about Monday blues). When asked, she said ,”My sister did not wish me Happy birthday”. We immediately told the elder one to wish her and she did it in an instant. Her mood changed and she was ready to rush to school. Such is the power of a birthday wish. Who does not like it ? It is the time you will reflect and ponder over what did you do in the last 1 year.

On 26th July 2017 I blogged Am I living my dash? I had written last year “Living your dash is about making every moment count and being aware of those moments. In my view, the meaning you can bring into your life is by defining your dash and then Re-imagining, Rewiring and Refreshing yourselves in ways that bring out the best in you because never  let your past be bigger than your future”.


In the last one year I had lived those moments (blogs). Moments that tested me to believe that the world is hostile and moments which rested me to believe that world is a friendly place.there-are-two-ways-to-live-your-life-quotes

It was so apt that I recollected these lines to summarise: Life is not a “tempest” nor a “midsummers night dream” but it  is a “comedy of errors” and so live it “as you like it”.So then What is the code  for next one year. I decided that I will figure out ” figuring out ” to live the 5 chapters.

Five+Short+Chapters+Autobiography+in+Chapter+One (1).jpgThe question I want to ask is which chapter are you in now ? Get ready to walk a different street.

Today, I’ve started heading towards a new street- a new community, a new blog. It’s called Po10shall  Welcome!

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