2016 Demon-enticed

Most talked / tweeted / taunted word is Demonetize . We all have our perspectives on the same. Google meaning of the word  Demonetize is Deprive   (a coin or precious metal) of its status as money. Looking back at 2016 , I would like to share some of my Demon - Enticed moments      ... Continue Reading →

Being Risky is Safe

  "Why do we always choose the toughest path for doing some important work ? Maybe the simple way would also do that."  This is a dialogue from the movie Dear Zindagi. I was struck when I remembered Shah Rukh Khan's dialogue from 22 years back which was just the opposite-try the difficult route rather than the easy... Continue Reading →

Why he is saying, What he is saying

Millennials define themselves. I had the opportunity to catch up with an Industry veteran while i was travelling. Our talk veered around Millennials ( Born between the early 1980'S and 2000 are the youngest generation at work today).I had purchased in this quarter Q4 FY17(every quarter i have a target for buying books at least,... Continue Reading →

What kind of Leader are you?

“A boss wants to pay for results, an employee wants recognition for effort. If a boss recognizes effort, they will get even better results.” ― Simon Sinek. These days I am inspired by Simon Sinek, a top leadership expert. All three of his books- Start with Why? Leaders Eat Last and Together is Better have had... Continue Reading →

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