Why he is saying, What he is saying

Cartoon from the Times of India

Millennials define themselves.

I had the opportunity to catch up with an Industry veteran while i was travelling. Our talk veered around Millennials ( Born between the early 1980’S and 2000 are the youngest generation at work today).I had purchased in this quarter Q4 FY17(every quarter i have a target for buying books at least, reading maybe next quarter)  a similar titled book by Subramanian Kalpathi. However in the early part of the week , my wife showed the above image and since then this topic of Millennials  had my attention.

Another book  #Becoming the Boss by Lindsey Pollak ( yes Q4FY16 buy , reading in progress) had a very good coverage on this generation.

I travel a lot and every week I meet someone interesting, someone who widens my perspective. On this blog I’ve decided to start a “Moving Talk” series.

So continuing with this week’s Moving talk Q&A. I asked him what makes this generation different? His response was “They define themselves with their “Intent”.He mentioned about a Gallup study which came up with the conclusions that this generation would like to find their inner  strength and specialize. This can increase productivity at the workplace.

He went on to explain how earlier generations had to first earn a salary , buy a flat , Car, settle in life and keep money for the education for their future children. For this gen they have the Uber – Ola  , Airbnb – OYO and Amazon – Flipkart. These will play a defining role in their choices and decisions for the future. I am yet to experience. Yes they are very intentional.

My questions later was how would we learn from this generation? His response was “understand their motivation”. Gone are those days when a leader can command respect with his aura.Now gain respect.

I then thought maybe we should also think and act like millennials. Why not?

I put that into practice immediately and started viewing that lense of Intent and Motivation with  Millennials .”Empathize more”. That is how we have to redefine ourselves.

We can look for all kind of definitions of this generation  , Look within after you engage and redefine. Here self coaching should be a useful tool.

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  1. Good thoughts…on an issue which is… and will continue to gain more importance… The Millennials.

    This group has amazing potential… yet they need some guidance too… in order to exploit that amazing potential.

    Keep rocking Vinod.

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